AMES Impex Electricals Pvt. Ltd.

The Company

An ISO-9000 Certified Company, AMES IMPEX Electricals has over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of Transformers. Apart from expertise in designing and manufacturing, the company also deals with the distribution of transformers. A reputed manufacturer and distributor of standard and custom built transformers the company focuses on “Total Customer Satisfaction” by offering quality products and after-sales service.

The company believes in quality oriented products and therefore the best and most suitable raw materials are used in the manufacturing process. All cores of AMES Transformers are made of quality Cold-Rolled Silicon Steel. The cores are arranged with mitered joints of lamination and completely coated and sealed with a special resin for protection against corrosion and moisture. The core legs are bound with insulating tape. Frames and other steel parts are not galvanized to resist rust. Automated stacking and forming by our cut-to-length line ensures precise construction and the step-lap core process reduces load, load current, and core noise.

The company has expertise in designing and manufacturing of customized Cast Resin / Dry Type / Oil Cooled / Resin Impregnated transformers up to 7.5MVA, 33KV.

The Dry Type Transformer manufactured by AMES, is produced by epoxy resin vacuum casting. These resin electrical lines include – but is not limited to – Distribution of Transformers, Rectifying Transformers, High Current Transformer, Single-Phase Transformer, and Dual-Ratio Substations.

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