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Cast Resin Transformers

Technical Features :

Manufacturing Standards

The transformers are built in accordance with IS 11171 and IEC 726 standards.


The core is built of cold rolled oriented grain steel with low specific losses, insulated on both sides by a thin inorganic coating (Carlyte). The sheets composing the core are cut at 45 degrees C. Uniform pressing, stiffness and solidity of the columns assure a low noise level.

High Voltage Windings

The high voltage windings are made of electrolytic COPPER SUPER ENAMELLED F/H CLASS conductors (wire or foil strip depending upon power and voltage requirements). It is possible to produce Aluminium windings. The windings are Casted under vacuum in class F/H epoxy resin depending on requirement. The accuracy of execution of these processes allows the obtainment of windings free from partial discharges.

Low Voltage Windings

The low voltage windings are made of strip or foil (copper or aluminium conductor depending upon power and voltage requirements). Class F/H insulating material is used.

Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories
Technical Datasheet
Terminal Arrangement
  • Rating and diagram plate
  • Earthing terminal
  • Skid under base or truck with bidirectional wheels
  • Primary Terminal
  • Secondary terminal lifting lugs
  • Enclosure with IP 21, 23 or other protection class
  • Temperature monitoring unit with display
  • Over current relay
  • Forced ventilation system
  • Surge Arresstor
  • On Load Tap Changer with RTCC and AVR
  • Jacking Screw
  • Anti-Vibration Pad


All transformers are individually tested with routine test, according to standard IEC 726/ IS 2026 / IS 11171. The following type tests can be carried out on customer request.

  • Temperature Rise Test
  • Full Wave Impulse Test
  • Special test: Short Circuit Test
Standard Applicable : IS 2026, IS 11171, IEC 726
TYPE : Open / Enclosed
Temperature Class : 155/140/120 °C
Insulation class : H / F /B
Protection Class IP-21/23/33/44
Installation Indoor / Outdoor
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